09 May
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Manners4Minors helps to create a foundation for more emotionally intelligent  and socially successful children. It is a fun, interactive way of introducing young children to the benefits of being emotionally intelligent, and of using good manners and social skills that are universally accepted. Each lesson is developed to introduce the child to a new concept or manner. We use interactive role play with our four special puppets, stories, songs and games, props and positive reinforcement to demonstrate to children the consequence of using good manners, what they can expect in response to good manners or acceptable behavior, and conversely what they can expect if they don’t. The  fun lessons  are presented on an emotional level, and the children leave the class with a clear understanding of the life skill and the consequences of the choice they make.

A weekly report gives the parents  a breakdown of what was covered in the lesson and photos show their children in action.  This means that parents can follow through with their children on what was learnt, and they can use the worksheet to recap, therefore reinforcing the lesson. A Home Star Chart and Manners4Minors APP  is  purchased on registration and is used as a tool to assist parents  at home and when they are out.


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