Potty Training

09 May
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Potty Training is something every child goes through. Most children are ready to start Potty Training from 18 months old. Below are some tips in making this an easy process.

Watch your child’s fluid intake

What goes in, has to come out. Also be alert, you may see your child pulling at his /her pants. Try and limit formula bottles during the day, perhaps reserve it for nap time if need be.

Use the appropriate equipment (potty)

Use a sturdy potty that won’t move around, show them how to pull down their pants and underwear, also have a little stool to wash their hands and make this a fun activity. This will help make going to the toilet easier.

Always expect lots of accident in the beginning

In the beginning downplay accidents, children have to learn to identify the urge to go, Timing will improve with practice, always praise your child when he/she has used the potty or for even just sitting on the potty.

Sleep Time at night.

Your child’s nappy might be dry during the day, but he/she will still need a nappy at night. Children only start waking up to use the toilet at around 3 years old. Avoid fluids before bedtime, take her/him to the toilet before putting on the nappy. Start removing night nappies once you notice it is dry in the mornings for about a month.

Keep your Toilet Routine the same over weekends and holidays. This will help getting them fully potty trained.

Good Luck!

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