Early Childhood Development Specialists

We create the best learning environment with funny and happy activities for all students

Reliable, Safe and Loving Environment

We foster an attitude that makes children feel encouraged, excited and expectant with an enthusiasm for life.

Strong Spiritual and Moral Values

We believe that our children need to be equipped with the tools to deal with challenges in early childhood and progressively.

About us

Cedar Crest Nursery School specialises in early childhood development. The school offers a reliable, safe and loving environment, providing programmes that promote the child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth; using new and cutting edge methodologies The school provides a structured educational curriculum from ages 18months to 6 years old (Grade R), along with strong components of spiritual and moral values.

The Cedar Crest Nursery School management and staff recognise that children are growing up in a fast paced, challenging and cosmopolitan world, where children at a young age can experience stress. We believe that our children need to be equipped with the tools to deal with these challenges in early childhood and progressively.

We believe that growing productive well adjusted adults and future leaders starts at a young age. To accomplish this goal, we believe in creating an environment that is free of stress and prejudice of any kind.

Our focus is to create an environment where children will foster an attitude that makes them feel excited about learning. We will achieve this through the combination of our cutting edge curriculum and teachers who foster a relationship with the children based on love, motherly nurturing, honesty and a robust approach to teaching.

The name Cedar Crest has been researched and carefully chosen, depicting our philosophy and culture that will become synonymous with Cedar Crest Nursery School.

The Cedar Tree is known for its strength. The roots of the tree run deep into the ground planting the tree firmly and enabling it to grow both tall and widespread. The branches of the cedar tree are thrown out horizontally from the parent trunk, which provides adequate strength and stability to support further growth and development of the branches.

Cedar derived from the tree is also known for its healing, purification and spiritual protection properties. Its spiritual properties are said to promote peaceful thoughts and help one to find inner strength. The cedar tree stands proud and tall, towering above other trees, its stature represents calm inner strength. Similarly crest indicates the peak or summit.

This lush analogy is what we build our philosophy on. Cedar Crest Nursery school is a place where children will be given a firm foundation, which will allow them to flourish and grow boldly. The foundation will be grounded in solid educational principles and balanced with the nurturing of self awareness, self discipline, individuality, inner strength and confidence.

Our goal is to provide all our children with the life skills they need to create success for themselves in a modern world.

We believe that children can start learning life skills from as early as two years old. We will cultivate these skills in a creative manner that is adapted appropriately for each age group. Life skills addressing self esteem, bullying, emotional intelligence, communication skills, anger management, social skills and thinking skills are what will ensure that when our children at Cedar Crest Nursery school, branch out in different directions for formal education i.e. primary schooling, they will stand tall and stable and be proudly equipped to manage themselves within the modern schooling system. They will have cognitive and emotional competence along with life skills that translate into appropriate attitudes and behaviours.

At Cedar Crest Nursery school, we support the research that shows that boys and girls learn differently and we will endeavour to structure our programmes and approach to dealing with the children in a way that accommodates these differences.

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