About Us

The roots of the Cedar tree run deep into the ground planting the tree firmly and enabling it to grow both tall and widespread

The name Cedar Crest has been carefully researched and chosen. It depicts our philosophy and culture.

The Cedar Tree is known for its strength. The roots of the tree run deep into the ground planting it firmly and enabling it to grow both tall and widespread. The branches grow out horizontally from the parent trunk, which provides the strength and stability to support further growth and development.

It is also known for its healing, purification and spiritual protection. Its spiritual properties are said to promote peaceful thoughts to help one to find inner strength. The Cedar Tree stands proud and tall, towering above other trees, its stature represents calm inner strength.

This analogy is what we build our philosophy on. Cedar Crest Nursery school is a place where children will be given a firm foundation, which will allow them to flourish and grow boldly. The foundation is grounded in solid educational principles and balanced with the nurturing of self awareness, self discipline, individuality, inner strength and confidence.Our goal is to provide all our children with the life skills they need to create success for themselves in a modern world.

Through education and nurturing we will foster an attitude that makes children feel encouraged, excited and expectant with an enthusiasm for life.

Our School

We offer a wide variety of daily activities and extra murals to stimulate and develop young minds.

Small, intimate classes

With 16 children per class group at most, we ensure that the right amount of nurturing and care is given to each child. Our class groups for 2 year olds take a maximum of 12 learners.  

Nutritional meals

We firmly believe that good nutrition is vital in the development of children. We have a low sugar policy that encourages low sugar snacks and meals. In many cases sugar is the cause inflammation and chronic illnesses. Our aim is to keep our little ones healthy with through good eating.

Spacious premises

Our safe, clean and spacious premises allow for the freedom of movement during extra mural activities and learning time.  

An educational system isn't worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn't teach them how to make a life.

author unknown